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If you’re looking for the best handyman service to help you out around the house look no further than Putnam Handyman Services.

We do absolutely everything from A to Z. Window glass repair and cleaning, interior or exterior painting services, all sorts of plumbing services for your pipes, or general handyman services can all be done at competitive rates. No matter what the issue is with your home, you can be rest assured that Putnam Handyman Services will have the staff, service, and the parts to correct any problem that may arise. All this and more is at your fingertips when you call in for a fix.


I’ve been using Putnam Handyman for many years and have come to rely on their professionalism and skill. Glenn always responds quickly and assigns the right people for the jobs I need done. Not only have they had the skills for the work required but they’ve been smart troubleshooters. And always courteous, patient and on time. Plus the fee structure is straightforward, no surprises
— Helen Evers

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